Terms and conditions

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o         Terms and conditions are applied to all orders and agreements made with Final Drive A/S.

o         Final Drive A/S are supplying final drives for excavators worldwide.

o         Communication with Final Drive A/S is recommended in English, as Final Drive A/S cannot take any responsibility for misunderstandings associated with translation of third languages.



o         All products from Final Drive A/S are covered by a 2-year warranty period from the date of delivery.

o         All warranty will be void, if any plate or the serial number is removed from the final drive.

o         In case of product failure, it is a condition that the customer issues the claim immediately after the problem has been discovered.

o         All costs associated with troubleshooting is not covered by warranty. (Only the final drive itself is covered)

o         Incorrect installation of hydraulic components is considered a warranty void.

o         Final Drive A/S does not offer any warranty or accept returns on any bought used or reconditioned products.



o         All shipments will be sent with TNT, Schenker or GLS, unless agreed otherwise.

o         If alternative carrier or shipping service is needed, additional costs will be added to the individual order.

o         All written offers must be accepted and confirmed by mail.

o         All deliveries outside of Europe can only be placed through mail to Final Drive A/S customer service.

o         The product responsibility will be transferred from Final Drive A/S to the customer from the point of delivery.

o         The point of delivery takes places once the shipment is dispatched from our warehouse.

o         Delivery times on the webshop is not an exact delivery date, but a guideline to inform the customer of the approximate delivery time.

o         Final Drive A/S cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by carrier, weather, war, political or other environmental aspects. 


Fitting and installation guide:

o         All final drives are supplied with an installation manual attached to the final drive.

o         If the manual is not attached to the final drive when unpacking, it´s the customer responsibility to contact Final Drive A/S at Info@Finaldrive-trackmotors.com. Otherwise Final Drive A/S can not be held responsible for a wrong installation of the final drive.

o         If the final drive is not working after installation, we need the customer to provide photos of how the hydraulic hoses are connected to the final drive. Documentation of the service with replacement of filters and hydraulic oil, previous to the installation of the final drive will be required.

o         Final Drive A/S cannot be held responsible for any damages to the machine, in connection with the installation of the final drive.



o         All prices on the webshop are subject to change. In case of the customer needs more final drives or have a special order, it’s possible for the customer to contact us at: info@finaldrive-trackmotors.com.

o         All quotations are valid for 30 days, unless something else is agreed.

o         If the customer provides Final Drive A/S a drawing or photos of the final drive and the dimensions are not the same, compared to the final drive the customer received, it is possible for the customer to use the return policy.

o         Final Drive A/S can always cancel an order, if the product is no longer on stock or available.



o         If the customer wants to cancel the order after the payment has been made, Final Drive A/S needs to know it, before the order leaves the warehouse. A full refund will be sent back to the customer’s credit card or other payment method.

o         It’s not possible to cancel special orders or orders with used or reconditioned products.

o         If the order has not been delivered to the customers address within 4 weeks, the customer can cancel the order and do not have to pay the restocking fee.



o         Besides of the terms and conditions the customer accepts, by buying from Final Drive A/S, the Conditions are applicable to the Danish law.

o         In case of any disputes, Final Drive A/S follows the Danish consumer complaints board.

o         If a dispute occurs between Final Drive A/S and the customer, it will have to be dealt with in the Danish courts.


Product liability

o         If any damage to persons or other items, Final Drive A/S cannot take any responsibility, unless the damage can be directly associated with a failure of a product supplied by Final Drive A/S.

o         Final Drive A/S will not be responsible for any operations shutdown or other losses.

o         Product liability cannot be higher than 2 million Danish kroner.

o         To the extent that Final Drive A/S may be imposed on product liability to third parties, the buyer is obliged to keep Final Drive A/S ineffective to the extent that Final Drive A/S liability is limited to the above points. If a third party involves Final Drive A/S in a product liability case at the ordinary courts, the buyer agrees to sue or admit to the same court.

o         To the extent that third parties should claim product liability and this third party or buyer reserves the right to withdraw Final Drive A/S or its suppliers, the buyer must immediately notify Final Drive A/S.

Company info: 

           Final Drive A/S
           Bodøvej 8
           8700 Horsens
           VAT number: DK33397542

           Contact us
           +45 60178150



o         Free freight on deliveries to Europe. 

o         Outside Europe, contact us per E-mail for an offer. 

o         Estimated delivery time in Europe (varies on country): 2-6 working days

o         Outside Europe it varies on the country enquestioned