Distinguishing between a final drive and a travel motor

Distinguishing between a final drive and a travel motor

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Final Drive: The term "final drive" can also be known as the planetary gear final drive unit or simply the planetary final drive. It denotes a gear system designed for speed reduction and torque multiplication. Comprising multiple gears, it operates in tandem with the travel motor. The primary function of the final drive is to regulate the power supplied to the tracks, essentially converting it into torque, which is then provided by the travel motor. This transformation imparts the necessary force to turn the tracks. The final drive consists of two main components: the hydraulic track motor and the final drive gearbox.

Travel Motor: The travel motor serves as the conduit for transferring power from the hydraulic pump to the final drive. There exists a substantial distinction between a swing motor and a travel motor. Both the swing motor and the travel motor are powered by the hydraulic pump, which, in turn, derives its power from the machine's engine, typically a combustion engine. The swing motor revolves the excavator's "house," while the travel motor is responsible for powering the track motors.

In Summary: In brief, the final drive plays the crucial role of converting the power delivered by the travel motor into torque, which is essential for the proper functioning of the tracks.

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